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"Stand Up Paddlers" is an online community of enthusiastic SUP Surfers and Paddlers from all over the World. It's a place to meet other SUP members, stay in contact, load photos, videos, chat on the forum, post a blog, read RSS feeds to other SUP sites or ...


Roar Industries

Roar Industries Stand up paddle shop on the gold coast doing all major brands of SUP's and paddles also selling the lastest kitesurfing,towsurfing,skateboarding stuff in Australia. We do lessons,fitness,steet SUP and any thing else that brings a smile to your face.

Address8 Thrower drive

Custom SUP

Custom SUP Design your own custom SUP online. It's as easy as clicking a few boxes... We'll send you an email of your board (3D model) and get straight onto shaping it. Don't buy off-the-rack SUPs. Design exactly what you want and deserve. We believe nothing ...

Address88 Garden St
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